Become a Partner

In carrying out its health promotion, disease prevention, and disaster relief programs, Healing Hands collaborates with a consortium of other grassroots organizations that share similar objectives, thereby ensuring a pulling-together of resources, strength, knowledge, ideas and strategies which enhance capacity building and enable a more extensive reach.

This approach always ensures results, local ownership, and sustainability.

We have participated in a medical outreach partnership to Swaziland organized by Joyce Meyers Hand of Hope. Thousands were served with medical and dental care and many got an opportunity to respond to the gospel

We have also partnered with local and foreign churches to collect clothes for displaced persons in Nigeria

We are open to collaborate with organizations and individuals who share our values and wish to support our cause.

Become a Partner

Become a Volunteer

Healing Hands is a volunteer-friendly organization, providing an opportunity to make positive impacts in communities around you. Volunteering to share your time, skills and talents with us can help to change lives. Volunteers will be joining a team of trained and experienced individuals who are devoted to making long-lasting positive changes in the world.